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Coaching Success with Groundwork Clients

It has been quite a year. In August 2021 Amaze Associates were commissioned to provide coaching for Groundwork London clients on the Job Entry Targeted Support programme (JETS) and thereby providing much needed support to the employability agenda. JETS is a key pillar of the government’s Plan for Jobs, which is helping people of all ages into work.

Many of those referred to us were initially referred for executive coaching and we have had the pleasure of coaching former CEO’s, Directors, Investment bankers, Lawyers, Equity Traders and those from charitable organisations, pharmaceutical and multi-media industries. We also provided coaching to those who haven’t held high level jobs, ensuring that all those who could benefit and indeed were committed to getting on board with the coaching offer could access it.

So what have we achieved so far? Well, the majority of those coached are now back in employment. A few are awaiting the outcomes of interviews and two are setting up their own businesses. Coaching has the power to transform people’s lives and our clients, through their written feedback have shared that their level of confidence, well-being, self-awareness and esteem  has increased, they been able to fully articulate their goals, explore and work through the steps they needed to take to achieve those goals. One coachee was keen to point out that they experienced such a positive shift in mindset, which has really propelled them forward.

What have we as coaches learnt? Coaching clients always reinforces the need to deeply listen, pay attention and be present for the coachee as well as asking good questions. We also learnt that for some of our clients age, negative work experiences, stress, burnout and lack of clarity was a barrier to them putting their hat back into the employment ring. The legacy of Covid-19 looms large and as coaches we had to be very mindful of our coachees well-being. Many of our clients mentioned that just having a safe and confidential space to talk, just for them was amazing and the icing on the cake.

We have to thank Groundwork London for trusting us to provide this service for their JETS clients; and also to the coachee’s  who have committed to the coaching process for their trust, honesty, openness and willingness to have us as their coaches.  On a final note, our coachee’s often ask us “what do I need to prepare for the session?”  in  response we often share the following quote:

“The mind is like an umbrella – it functions best when open”
Walter Gropius – German architect (1883-1969).



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