We offer a range of coaching packages for individuals and design customised packages for organisations to suit your requirements and time commitment. When choosing your coaching package, be aware that transformation takes time; it seldom happens with the click of our fingers. Navigating your journey does require patience, persistence and commitment.

For individuals, we have put together three options to suit your journey:

Package One. Short-term support helping you get focused on navigating everyday life. We’ll work together to help you get more grounded, organised and in touch with your purpose.

Packages Two and Three. These packages are suitable for; those seeking medium to long-term support; wishing to commit more time to your goals and growth, so you can develop sustainable strategies to help you keep on your upward trajectory, handle your challenges and truly embrace life, work and business.

You can choose the tempo & frequency of your sessions – be that weekly or fortnightly – depending on the pace that’s right for you and the level of support you feel you need at any given time. Click here for more information.

Leadership Coaching & Consulting for organisations

We help new and emerging leaders to develop their leadership skills and style so they can successfully manage their teams and increase the effectiveness of their divisions. We also focus on improving performance, aligning management behaviours to mirror the core values of the organisation and provide coaching for staff through periods of significant change.

So what do I do now?

Book a Discovery call. This call gives you the opportunity to tell us what you are experiencing; what you feel you want to achieve and we can discuss how we can help you. In a confidential and safe space.  This is also a great way for you to check out if we are a good fit for you.


A healthy relationship is built on trust. Our fees are structured according to the nature and duration of the coaching engagement. When you book a discovery call we also share our current fees with you.

Coaching Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor an entire coaching engagement for an individual, please schedule a call here or email: hello@amazeassociates.com

Reward Scheme 

We run a client rewards scheme. If you recommend someone and they purchase any of our coaching services, we will reward you with a free coaching session.

Our Promise to you



Our Coaching engagements comprise of sessions that are 100% tailored for you as an individual, your life and goals. We believe being open and honest lays the foundations of a lasting relationship.



We’ll work at a pace that suits you: You choose the tempo of your sessions. You choose where we can safely meet in the London area; you can choose from our available time slots. We can also coach you i.e via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and over the phone.

Accountability & Support

Accountability & Support:

We’ll be here for you: You will have access to us in-between sessions. To check that you’re getting the right balance of support from us and ensure that you are making progress on the actions that you have set for yourself.

Checking In

Checking In:

We will contact you to ensure that you’re happy with the focus, direction and pace of the coaching you are receiving and check that you are generating real solutions to the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve. You can expect us to provide and request constructive feedback on our coaching relationship.

Equality & Diversity

We do not discriminate and recognise that everyone is different, with their own lived experiences and strengths. We value and work closely with our clients, and  help organisations and their employees to realise and appreciate how individuals’ differences create cohesive and high-performing teams.


Amaze Associates are members of the Association for Coaching and adheres to its global code of ethics committed to promoting professional excellence, both in practice, behaviour and conduct.

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