Amaze Associates was borne out of a promise that one day we would work together to help people transform their lives for the better; through coaching and mentoring. Just as we were helped.  You may be experiencing imposter syndrome, micro-aggressions or gaslighting in the workplace. Or feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, invisible and unheard.  We understand. Perhaps you’re feeling burnt out, stuck and unfocused; lacking in confidence and full of fear about the next step or the right decision to make.  We can help.


What we know for sure is that life, work and business can be a maze but with the right coaching support can lead to many a breakthrough, amazing results and achievements.

At Amaze Associates we believe in authenticity and integrity.  We empower our clients to take charge of their lives, businesses and work, build their confidence and provide them with real tools to turn those challenges into successes.

Collectively we have over 20 years of coaching, mentoring and training expertise.

In case you’re wondering about our logo. It symbolises transformation; butterflies transform from caterpillars and origami is the transformation of paper from something unassuming to something beautiful. It’s art. Coaching is an art.

Meet The Team

Hi I’m Jennifer

I can honestly say that coaching chose me; because for my entire adult life I have been approached by others seeking guidance and support. As a senior manager in the public  and private sectors my coaching leadership style became my USP.

I have been a coach for more than 20 years.  In 2008, I decided to formalise my coaching and gained a ILM Level 7 qualification in Leadership and Executive coaching. I wrote a successful proposal for creating a coaching culture in my then organisation. As a result I was invited to help shape and provide internal coaching.  I have underpinned my learning by becoming a MBTI practitioner and assessment centre assessor.

I have worked in Children’s services, and education sectors. Clients working with me can expect me to show a real interest in them; plus demonstrate, curiosity, creativity, optimism and sprinkle a little humour.  I have a particular interest in leadership, career change and business start-ups. I love busting the myth that age is a barrier to success.

At the age of 27 I walked into a my first leadership role  wearing a ‘power’ suit!! I remember that suit and so does Fiona, we have been firm friends ever since.  Our pledge that we would be business partners one day flowed from our different but synergistic coaching styles, love of working with people, seeing them flourish and stepping into their own power.

Jennifer , Amaze Associates
Fiona , Amaze Associates Ltd

Hello, I’m Fiona

I specialise in helping people establish self-leadership in their own lives, transforming their ability to connect with and discern their purpose, build confidence, refocus and live with a sense of adventure and meaning.

My work involves clients examining how their imagination, talents, and unique strengths can empower them to tackle the biggest challenges. I help clients create actionable plans and tactics to achieve work-life balance, greater health and success, overall.

I have not always had direct clarity on my life journey but I have always been able to navigate the challenges, even when I couldn’t see where I was going. I have worked in local authorities for the majority of my life, taking various roles and working my way up to a senior level. Life continued a pace until I got married and had a daughter.

That changed my outlook and started my quest for my purpose. My family had always been important to me; but I always felt that I should be doing more and achieving more. However, I rarely stopped to consider what I had achieved. When I did take time to focus I could see that I was strong and confident and that I had been coaching myself and others along the way through myriad life experiences. So here I am bringing my coaching expertise to the forefront at last and working to bring focus back to those who think they have lost direction.

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