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We’re Ambassadors for BIPC Lewisham

When the British Library interviewed us in December 2021, we had no idea that we would be selected to be Ambassadors for the Business & Intellectual Property Centre – Lewisham. BIPC Lewisham is a fantastic business resource centre in the heart of Catford.

We were delighted to attend the launch on Tuesday 27th September 2022 and honoured to be invited to talk to an audience of budding, thriving and growing businesses about our business journey.

Lewisham has the highest percentage of micro businesses in London (and of all UK Boroughs). Business start-up rates are high, but businesses are less likely to survive and grow in the long term.*

This makes BIPC Lewisham a catalyst for those wishing to set up, grow and sustain their business. As coaches, who also work with businesses we know just how important having support is. The centre provides access to business resources and information; opportunities for networking and you can even book a one-to-one session with a business advisor. There is no doubt that BIPC Lewisham will play a pivotal role in the development of businesses and ultimately their success.

As BIPC Lewisham Ambassadors we will champion the work of the BIPC and provide coaching support to bring solutions to those challenges that someone with a business idea,  or  a new, emerging or established business may face.

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*source:Lewisham business growth strategy:2013-2023, strengthening Lewisham’s economy by creating growth and local jobs

banner images: British Library & Luca Sage

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